A Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting

If this is your first time to buy web hosting or run a website, you can find useful information in this article. Let’s start, shall we?

Definition of Web Hosting

Consider the files and folders stored on your laptop or desktop computer’s hard disk that are readily available whenever you need them. A web page, like any word processing document, is a file. Also, your word processing documents like all web pages need a computer in order to store them.

Web pages are different in a way that they are meant to be viewed by the public in general. For this to be possible, the computer wherein these files are stored needs to come with a higher specification than your desktop computer, as well as a more powerful Internet connection.

Web pages are stored on a computer referred to as a web server (since it serves pages upon the request of Internet users). A web site consists of web pages joined together and the World Wide Web or WWW is made up of all the web pages worldwide.

Web hosting is the job of creating web pages and websites for online users. Sometimes, the product that companies offer is called web space since they are providing you with “space” on the Internet so you will be able to host your website. Each web space is measured in terms of megabytes, in the same manner that the space is measured on your computer.

Importance of Web Hosting

Anyone can connect his/her laptop computer to the Internet and let it serve pages. However, this is not a practical idea because generally, a home-based Internet connection does not have enough power to serve multiple users all at the same time.

That is why hosting companies are around. They have extremely powerful web servers that can store a multitude of web pages. They also have very strong connections to connect web servers to the Internet, letting lots of web users simultaneously access your web pages.

You need hosting to run your website since it is not practical to do it on your own when you don’t have enough funds to afford the necessary web servers and connections.

Other services

Aside from supplying web space, there are other valuable services that web hosting companies offer. Though their range varies from one company to another, almost all of them provide a number of basic services. These include registering your domain names, as well as email provision. Also, they may offer technical support by means of email, telephone or websites.

Different Types Available

There is a wide range of web hosting, each of which is designed to meet various needs. An individual who needs to set up a two-page website will need a far less advanced web hosting package as compared to a big company that needs to set up a multinational high-traffic website. There are a number of key factors that differentiate the packages provided by web hosting companies.

Why Choose Branded Smartwatches For You Online?

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Gift Giving in the Digital Age

What does it mean to go digital when giving gifts? First let’s examine the meaning of the word digital.

Digital describes electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data. Whether we realize it or not we live within a complex digital network that regulates our street lights, telephones, cell phones, water systems, agricultural system and of course the business market. An evolution from the Industrial Revolution, the digital network system that characterizes the Digital Age can be likened to the synaptic connections of the adult brain, connecting pockets of data one to the other for lightening fast access and retrieval.

Gift Giving In The Digital Age

The digital age is not unlike one world-wide living brain with the earth as the head. Because we are merely mimicking a natural process it’s no wonder the use of digital age technology is so mainstream. Though this has been the reality for over 40 years many do not fully realize the degree of advantages we have at our fingertips thanks to the Digital Revolution. The fact is once we fully realize these advantageous we are better able to spare our time and money as well as the use of earth’s natural resources.

Understanding Digital Goods

The next time you go online to shop for gifts consider whether you are taking full advantage of the digital resources available to you. For example, when shopping for a gift the shopper may be more inclined to look for tangible goods, merchandise that you can put your hands on. Stuff like jewelry, computers, clothing or even CD’s. But another kind of product exists and thrives on the Internet. Intangible or digital goods. Virtually anything that is in a digital form and deliverable on the Internet can be considered an intangible good. A piece of music, a picture, or an article downloaded from the Internet are all examples of intangible or digital goods.

Digital goods are used much like tangible goods with minimal use of tangible resources. Now artists and computer technicians have discovered ways to merge these two fascinating industries to design products that are both fun and practical. Notice the list below.

Cell phones

Compact discs

Digital videos

Digital television sets

Digital Audio (Music)


Web sites


Video games

E-Commerce shopping systems

Online game systems

Beaming Up A Tangible Gift

Imagine having the ability to access a tangible gift in a matter of minutes as quickly and easily as saying “beam me up Scotty”. The fact is you can beam up a tangible gift simply by taking full advantage of online digital resources and still add that personal touch to the gift itself. How can this be done?

1. Locate a recommended printable greeting card resource online.

2. Choose an appropriate printable greeting card.

3. Print out the greeting card.

4. Add a personalized message.

Boom! In minutes, not days, you’ve managed to get a tangible creative gift in your hand ready for giving.

Want to add a digital gift to the card?

1. Next locate a recommended prepaid debit or store gift card resource online.

2. Print out a printable prepaid gift card with a load of say $15 – $25 or so. (Yes gift cards can now be printed from your home printer.)

3. Place the gift card in the printed greeting card and give it away.

Its that easy.

Digital Goods vs Tangible Goods

What are the advantages of printable gift cards? Like other tangible gift cards printable gift cards can be used to make purchases online at top retailer stores with no questions asked so they are ideal for online and offline shopping. And there’s no need for you to pay additional fees for gift wrapping is there? Less use of our natural resources. But best of all, no more waiting for the greeting cards and gift cards to come in the mail. Fast holiday shipping is often unreliable. With printable greetings and gift cards you just print and give.

Keeping in mind that we are living in the digital age, lots of computer users can use prepaid debit cards and online retail gift cards to order online gaming time, on demand movies, digital downloads in the form of software or mp3’s as well as eBooks such as those read on Kindle book readers.

Go Full Digital Gift Giving

Want to save money on postage and gift wrapping? Go full digital gift giving! Send an email gift card with a personal message and you’re done. These tips save much time and money, not to mention a comparative 80% reduction in the use of our natural resources over shopping, purchasing, wrapping and shipping tangible goods.