Photo Backup Software – Benefits of Local and Online Options

It is a sad fact that you only realize how crucial photo backup software is by going through the process of losing some treasured digital photos following a power surge to your computer or accidental deletion. This article looks at the variety of backup locations, software and best practices in photo backups.

The traditional approach has been to store your files to some form of local media (CD/DVD) and for this all you need is CD burner software. This option is cost-effective, quick and it is easy to store and distribute the disks to friends (which help increase the number of backup copies you can call upon if needed).

Modern advances in external storage devices/drives mean you can transfer huge volumes of photos to an external drive. As such, you don’t need to use photo backup software to do this as you can just copy the files between folders.

However, using standard backup software can automate the process (e.g. schedule backups daily) and synchronize files between multiple locations for you (i.e. from your camera to the computer and also to the external drive). The only downside is that losing the drive and your computer (theft, fire damage, etc.) together could cause all your photos to be lost forever.

Storing photos online is the modern way to share photos, requiring no photo backup software other than a browser. Picasa and Flickr can store copies of all your photos, but the resolution may be compromised (reduced/compressed) in comparison to the originals. You could also consider online backup services that can store all manner of data from your computer to their servers – at least this way the original file is stored.

As with backing up any form of data the key is to keep at least two copies of your photos, ideally in two different locations and you should never erase the camera memory of photos until you’ve got your pictures stored away to two other media.

Online Shopping For Mobiles – The Benefits And How To Get The Most From It

Shopping for mobiles at your local retail outlets sounds easy and painless, but the reality is different. What happens is you buy a phone from your local mobile phone store, come back home, and check out the new models on your computer and find out that you could have made a better choice.

The Internet gives you information about everything under the sun and mobile phones are no exception. By browsing the popular online stores, you can get your hands on the best mobile phone. Given below are 5 benefits of online shopping for mobiles and the ways you can get the most from it.

1. Better Price

Usually, online stores have better offers to make. They give awesome discounts that you can avail if you stay tuned. How do online stores give you so many benefits? The reason is local stores have to pay huge sales tax, building rent, staff fees and so on. On the other hand, online stores don’t have to pay these expenses. So, the products they sell don’t include the additional expenses. As a result, you pay less for your desired products.

2. Variety Of Choices

Shopping online you are not restricted to a particular brand. You have a larger variety to choose from. With information on so many different types of phones, you can compare them for features and price. Not only this, you can read up customer reviews for the mobile phones you are interested in to find out the best features and possible problems.

Also at online stores, you can choose from the older as well as the latest models of a brand in addition to brand new and used phones. On the other hand, in local stores, you can see only those models that are high in demand or the limited brands the store promotes.

3. Comfortable Buying Method

Shopping for cell phones online is a lot simpler and convenient. All you have to do is go to the stores, check out the specs of your favorite phones and then make a choice after reading reviews.

Making a purchase of a desired handset is as easy making a few clicks and paying the money. This is unlike personal shopping where you will have to go to the store in person often jumping from one store to next to get the mobile phone you want. This will cost you a lot of time and energy. Online buying allows you to make purchases from the comfort of your home. Not only this, you can ask for the product to be shipped to your address. If there are any damages to the product, you can always have it returned for a good unit.

4. Better Buying Decision

Another big benefit of shopping for cellphones online is that you won’t have to deal with the over-smart salespeople. You can take a look at what you want to buy and then choose a product based on good reviews left by real users. This allows you to make the best buying decision.

5. 24/7 Availability

Unlike local stores that have fixed working hours, you are not bound when it comes to online shopping. You can browse stores on your way to work or at 12 in the night after you wrap up your kitchen.

How You Can Get The Most From Buying Online

So, how can you get the most from buying your cell phone online? Well, this is easy. All you have to do is go to the trusted cell phone stores, check out your favorite models and then read reviews left by the real users of the phones. As a matter of fact, reading feedback left by the actual users of the cell phones is the best way of buying the right phone.