How Does a Palm Pilot Work?

Just The Facts, Ma’m

Palm pilots are all the rage now. Everyone has a pda or wants to get one in the near future. If you don’t know much about a pda, however, it might be helpful to learn a bit about them. The history of the palm pilot is an interesting part of our technology advances.

How does a palm pilot work? A palm pilot uses a microprocessor. AN operating system tells the microprocessor what to do and sends instructions to the various parts of the pda. Batteries power pdas, and depending on what model of palm pilot you buy the batteries can last varying amounts of time.

Who invented the palm pilot? The palm pilot was invented in the 1990’s by Jeff Hawkins. He came up with the idea to have something small, yet similar to a computer to store personal information like addresses and phone numbers, take notes, and track appointments.

A palm pilot has many more uses and options now than it did when it was first invented. The pda has constantly been improved until it has become nearly indispensable to many people. Palm pilots are used to store personal information, track appointments and expenses, make lists, do calculations, send and receive email, listen to music, do word processing, access the Internet, and play many types of games.

What is the best brand of pda? That all depends on whom you talk to. Everyone has their personal preferences, and if you are going to buy a pda, it makes sense to talk with people who already own one and to read reviews of the different brands.